How to brew loose leaf tea?

Brewing a great cup of loose leaf tea

Discovering the taste of different type of teas does not stop simply by choosing the type of tea. You can also change the taste and experience with the brewing times and temperatures.

A little experimentation can be done on your side, if you want to so to say fine-tune your experience to your taste. The experience can also be altered by using milk, sugar, honey and etc.

If you are not the experimental type, you can also just use the general brewing guides from here below.


How to brew loose-leaf tea?

When brewing a great cup of loose leaf tea, you should pay attention technically to 4 main factors:

  1. the water
  2. the amount of tea you are using
  3. the length of steeping
  4. the water temperature

In general you can follow the following steps:

1, Choose water that generally taste good.

  • This might sound silly, but you can brew the best tea when you use good quality water. For this you can either use mineral water or use a carbon water filter to clean your tap water. If your water has a weird taste, so will your tea.
  • Use fresh water, avoid boiling water many times after each other

2, Bring the water to boiling temperature, with an electric water cooker for example.

  • Temperature that you will need to use for the tea is dependent on the type of tea. In general:

3, *Optional step: rinse the cup with a little hot water to warm it up

4, Choose the right amount of tea for your cup.

  • In case of an average cup (around 250ml), use one teaspoon (around 2-3grams) of tea.
  • Keep in mind the leaf sizes. Big leaf teas such as a Silver Needle need a little more than one tablespoon, while tightly rolled teas, such as Black Dragon pearls, only 2 or 3 rolls.
  • You can experiment to make your tea stronger if you want by using somewhat more tea. Obviously if you are making more tea in a kettle, for more persons, use more tea.

5, Once your tea is at the right temperature choose a way to put your tea in the boiling water.

  • Easiest way is probably to use a steel infuser or a tea maker teapot, which is easy to clean. Teapots and steel infusers usually also give enough space for your loose-leaf tea to expand. Remember tealeaves can grow few times their original size when brewed. Your cup will taste the best when the teas have space to grow.
  • Alternatively you can use paper filter, however this is a bit more work on your side and gives less space for the teas to expand

6, Lastly comes the length of the brewing. In general you can use the following brewing times for the teas that you find in our webshop:

  • For brewing white tea: 2 minutes
  • For brewing green tea: 2 minutes
  • For brewing oolong tea: 3 minutes
  • For brewing black tea / fruit mixes: 4 minutes
  • For brewing herbal tea: 5minutes

We hope this short guide will help you to start brewing great tea. Try to experiment a bit with the brewing times and water temperatures so you will get the best cup, which suits your taste, the best!


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