How to boost your energy with tea?

Tea for boosting your energy

Next to its other beneficial effects, drinking the right tea can also help you boost your energy in a healthy way.

With more research concentrating around tea, caffeine levels and health benefits, there are also some information on the benefit of tea on energy levels. Most often, green tea and especially Matcha green tea is mentioned as a natural energy booster.

Tea and caffeine

Different teas contain different amount of caffeine. Without going into details here, the levels of caffeine in given tea is not simply determined by whether a tea is black, green or white but rather a range of different factors, such as steaming times, amount of tea use and the length of brewing. You can read more in the caffeine levels of teas in our other articles, here.

Tea has much less caffeine compared to coffee or energy drinks. An average cup of tea can have caffeine levels ranging form 10-70mg, while coffee around 70-200mg.

Why is tea still good for boosting energy?

Although it has much less caffeine, research shows that it can provide an even better boost, due to its longer lasting effects, combined with the help of antioxidants and L-theanine (amino-acid). Due to the antioxidants it slows down the absorption of caffeine while L-theanine gives a relaxing effect, helping in reducing the jitterness from caffeine but keeping your focus.

The interaction of these compounds in tea can help in preventing the crash of energy, which usually is associated with other caffeinated drinks, while it can improve cognitive functions and help in achieving better focus.

Types of tea to rejuvenate your mind and boost your energy

One famous tea that is favored as a natural energy source is Matcha green tea. The way Matcha is prepared allows it to pack more antioxidants and amino acids than other teas while also having decent amount of caffeine in it.

Drinking more green tea in general has also been found by researchers to have beneficial health effects and one research found for example that green tea helped in boosting the endurance levels of Japanese athletes.

Some more information on the added health benefits of green tea:


Next to green tea, we like drinking flavored fruit teas as well as a rejuvenating tea for boosting our alertness and refreshing our mind.  While fruit teas are generally made with the use of black tea, which has different type of antioxidants and slightly different health benefits, these teas provide a fresh, fruity aroma and a distinct taste, which awakens your senses. Our fruit teas are made with fine Ceylon black tea, which cup’s generally has slightly higher caffeine content.

For rejuvenating cup of tea, tea increase your alertness during the day and refresh your mind, we prefer the following teas:

  • Matcha
  • Gunpowder green tea
  • Black dragon pearls

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