Tea and relaxation

Benefits of tea have been mentioned through different writings in history, researched with different findings showing up every year, especially recently. Recent research on black tea, showed that drinking black tea is linked to heart disease prevention and might benefit cognitive function and weight management and that green tea consumption is beneficial for health, when consumed 5 or more cups a day.

Tea is great drink to consume not only because of its health benefits but also because it can be a great way to induce relaxation! The ritual of tea drinking in itself can promote relaxation and can help you disconnect from your busy day.

Why is tea great for relaxation?
Below you can find the main points briefly why tea is great for relaxation.

Tea can promote relaxation via:

  1. the warmth of tea: By drinking something warm you can gain a feeling of calmness.
  2. the aroma of tea:Quality teas have good aromas, which provide an extra sensation to drinking.
  3. the chemicals in tea: Studies find more or less evidence on tea’s ability to help in managing stress, by for example helping in improving your recovery after a stressful situation
  4. building up a positive routine: Drinking tea, can help you in building up the positive routine of taking time during the day to relax for 5 minutes.
  5. promotes the relaxation of your mind: By enjoying your tea, sensing its aroma, flavor, you let your mind concentrate on something else than your work, while having a tea break.

You can enhance the experience, by putting on a relaxing music of your preference. On Youtube you can find many great relaxational music, such as this one: 


How to start using tea for relaxation?

This is a simple one. Just start building up the habit of drinking a nice cup of tea, during the day. Typical time, when it’s good to have a cup of tea:

  • In the morning after your breakfast, to slow down the morning rush
  • After lunch, or in the mid-afternoon (around 14.00 – 15.00) to help you slow down the pace of work, disconnect from stress
  • In the late afternoon once you are done with work, maybe around 18:00-19:00, to help you switch off from work-mode, maybe reflect on your day.

You can always have a little loose-leaf tea with you, by simply bringing a few spoons with you in plastic bag. To avoid breaking the tealeaves, just put them in your mug or a small plastic box / storage tin.
Simplest way to steep at work is to have a stainless steel infuser which you can easily rinse, or you can also put the tea in the paper filters already at home.

Which teas do we like for relaxation?

Below you can find the tea types, which we like to drink to have a relaxing moment.

  • In the morning , to have a good start of the day, we like having a nice black tea, such as Early Grey, English Breakfast or a Fruit blend.
  • During the day we prefer drinking green teas, such as Dragonwell.
  • After work, a nice herbal tea (for example Chamomile or Peppermint) or a tea with rich aroma (for example a classical Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea) can be very relaxing, depending on your mood.

These are our favorites, but of course you might have your own preference.

For some people the aroma of a nice Mango black tea is very relaxing, while for others smooth Dragonwell green tea does the trick.
It also depends on the mood you are in. If you would like to refresh your mind, rejuvenate or have a good start in the morning, a fresh fruit blend, or a strong, black tea can be your choice.
Other times, you just would like to unwind, get lost in the moment by appreciating the rich aromas of a high quality Dragonwell green tea or Golden Monkey black tea.
We hope you will enjoy tea drinking, find your favorite blends and have great relaxing moments doing so!


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