Our Tea story

Hi! I am delighted that you have stumbled upon our website and curious enough to read our story!amazing teas

I am Istvan, the creator of AmazingTeas. I am a tea and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, living in Netherlands, the land of tulips, cheese and beautiful landscape. We are maintaining this and other healthy lifestyle related websites of ours with my girlfriend together.

I have been drinking tea my whole life… but not the type of tea that you can find on this site. We were just buying average tea (or more like tea dust) stuffed in filters in the store, until one day, when we were walking on the streets of this lovely traditional Dutch city called Haarlem and walked into a tea store.

After a little smelling and discussing tea types, we choose two teas, a Japanese Sencha green tea and an orange infused black tea.

Well the orange infused black tea was a forgettable experience, however the Japanese Sencha was absolutely AMAZING!

Soon enough we found ourselves trying out different type of loose-leaf teas and amazed with our new discovery of the world of tea, we thought that others have to experience this as well.

In order to spread the word, we created first a webshop and now we changed the format to a blog.

With this blog format we are hoping to be able to reach more people.

How did the name, AmazingTeas come to our mind?

As closing words, I feel like telling a bit more about the name of our website.

What the name AmazingTeas truly symbolizes, is tea itself:


1, The second most drank liquid on the world.

2, Been with mankind for hundreds of years.

3, Has dozens of health benefits

4, Has hundreds of different types

5, Influenced and built cultures all over the world.

Simply put, AMAZING.


Happy tea times,