Tea and relaxation

Tea and relaxation

Benefits of tea have been mentioned through different writings in history, researched with different findings showing up every year, especially recently. Recent research on black tea, showed that drinking black tea is linked to heart disease prevention and might benefit cognitive function and weight management and that green tea consumption is beneficial for health, when … Continue reading Tea and relaxation

Sleeping better with tea

Sleeping better with tea

Herbal Teas to help you sleep better – having a good night sleep Sleeping is vital part of our life, yet so many of us tend to cheat on sleeping, are experiencing insomnia or have bad habits that prevent relaxing sleeping. Not having a proper good night sleep can make your day go to waste … Continue reading Sleeping better with tea

Drinking tea for energy

How to boost your energy with tea?

Tea for boosting your energy Next to its other beneficial effects, drinking the right tea can also help you boost your energy in a healthy way. With more research concentrating around tea, caffeine levels and health benefits, there are also some information on the benefit of tea on energy levels. Most often, green tea and … Continue reading How to boost your energy with tea?

Brewing loose leaf tea

How to brew loose leaf tea?

Brewing a great cup of loose leaf tea Discovering the taste of different type of teas does not stop simply by choosing the type of tea. You can also change the taste and experience with the brewing times and temperatures. A little experimentation can be done on your side, if you want to so to … Continue reading How to brew loose leaf tea?

Tea and its caffeine content

Tea and caffeine content

Tea and the caffeine content in tea You have probably read lots of articles online about the caffeine content of tea. Most commonly articles write that the caffeine content of tea is dependent on the the type of tea, where black tea has the highest caffeine content and white tea the lowest. While this has … Continue reading Tea and caffeine content